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Our Dental and Facial Aesthetic services

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Smile makeover

Have you never been 100% proud about your smile, or even hiding it when laughing? Have you ever thought about having a Hollywood smile like the celebrities you see on TV, Facebook or Instagram?

Teeth whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth are not white enough in photos or when looking into a mirror? Would you like to rapidly enhance the look of your smile and enjoy the colour of your teeth?

Teeth straightening

Does the positioning of your teeth make you feel self-conscious? Do you hide your smile in photos or avoid talking in zoom meetings? Is your perfect smile not ready for special occasions such as weddings?

Dental implants

Have you lost a tooth and don’t like the gap, but don’t want a removable denture or sacrifice healthy teeth to resolve it? Do you feel embarrassed by your loose denture? Can’t chew food properly?

Facial aesthetics

Have you noticed wrinkles in a mirror and don’t like them? Do you feel that adding volume to your lips will make them look more attractive? Would you like to look younger?


Do you snore and feel constantly tired during the day? Can’t sleep because of your partner’s snoring? Bet you didn’t know that a dentist can help!

Dental treatments in Hungary

Is NHS dentistry not providing the treatments or quality you want, and private dentistry is too expensive? Would you like to make your expensive dental treatment affordable?

Stop hiding your smile on picture. You need it, the world needs it.
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This is how we would do it

We will digitally plan your smile and provide a wide range of solutions, from SmileFast© composite bonding to E-max ceramic veneers, to let you make a memorable impression every time you smile. Price from £300/tooth

FREE initial consultation*

You can achieve whiter teeth and a sparkling smile with our zoom chairside whitening within 45 minutes or with home-whitening kits we provide in the comfort of your home.  Price from £169.

FREE initial consultation*

If time is short, we can straighten your front teeth within 9 weeks with Inman Aligners; if needed, we can use 6MS aesthetic braces or achieve discreet straightening with virtually invisible Invisalign Aligners. Price from £1000.

FREE initial consultation*

With our implant solutions you can have your missing tooth/teeth replaced in a fixed, functional and aesthetic manner. Smile, eat the food you like and forget about your missing tooth or loose denture. Price from £2000.

FREE initial consultation*

Using our younger face with anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers and ‘Russian lips’ with fillers and nose augmentation, we can enhance your appearance. Price from £165.

FREE initial consultation*

To help you or your partner with snoring, and most importantly with sleep apnoea, we are using custom-made SomnoDent® oral devices, which are designed to keep the airway opened when fitted. Price from £1300.

FREE initial consultation*

If your goal is affordability and high-quality dental care, we can help you by arranging your dental treatment in the capital of dental tourism in Budapest.

FREE initial consultation*

Poratunszky Dental and Aesthetic studio

If you are searching for the highest quality solutions for all the above issues, you have found the right person to talk to. 

But, let me introduce my vision first.

Hello, I am Miklos Poratunszky,

I am certain that the way we look into a mirror or appear in our photos, when smiling or talking in public, massively affects our self-esteem and lifetime success

As a dentist I have always felt that the importance of aesthetics is often overlooked, so I decided to create a service which is:

  1. Accessible (opened on Saturdays)
  2. Tailored (large variety of high-quality treatment options)
  3. For every budget (financing or treatments in Europe)

Book an appointment now and let us create the look you always wanted and become who you always wanted to be.

– Dr. Poratunszky

I had my first abscess the other week. Awful... seen me on the same day for pain relief and a course of antibiotics....After the antibiotic treatment failed i returned to have the tooth causing problems extracted. very anxious and unsettled beforehand. Miklos (sorry for bad spelling of the name if ...
Mark Evans
I had a great experience! Miklos, my dentist, was very helpful and comforting. His assistant was very friendly also. I highly recommend:)
Francisca Nicola
Being very nervous at visiting a dentist having just been to the dentist for a tooth extraction this morning by Dr Miklos Poratunszky who i would like to say was brilliant
val bennett
I can only speak highly of this practice, the staff are all super friendly and very helpful. My dentist, Dr Miklos Poratunszky, who clearly prides himself in his work, made me feel very comfortable (a big deal for me when visiting the dentist!) with his friendly demeanor and professional attitude.I'm ...
Ryan Jones
I Had a tooth extraction and didn’t even know the tooth had been removed as there was no pain. My mouth has been pain free ever since. They followed COVID precautions. I would totally recommend. Thank you
Andy Peters
Thank you Miklos PoratunszkyI have great nerves when going to the dentist, I was greeted by friendly staff.The dentist talked me step by step through the percedure always asking if I was OK.A good experience all in all.Great dentist and staff 👍
Robin Howard

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Smile makeover

£ 350 / Tooth
  • Composite SmileFast from £350/tooth
  • Ceramic veneers from £739/tooth
  • E-max Crowns £830/tooth

Teeth whitening

£ 169
  • Zoom teeth whitening (at Home) £169
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening (in Surgery) £290
  • Zoom Teeth whitening package (at home +in surgery) £350

Teeth straightening

£ 1000
  • Inman aligners From £1300
  • Clear aligners (Invisalign like aligners) From £1000
  • Invisalign From £3150
  • Fixed Aesthetic Braces (SixMonthSmile, C-fast) From £3150

Treatments in Hungary

£ -
  • Subject to individual planning
  • In general 30-50% savings

Sleep apnoea therapy

£ 1300
  • Somnodent Appliance From £1300

Facial Aesthetic

£ 165
  • Anti-wrinkle treatments from £165
  • Fillers 1ml From £195


When booking your appointment we will require a deposit of £50.00 from you to secure your appointment on our system. Your consultation is complimentary and will be refunded to you. If you fail to attend your appointment, the £50 will be non-refundable.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please ensure 48 hours’ notice prior to appointment time. No charge will be made in this instance.

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth.

This mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actualteaching.

– Dr. Miklos Poratunszky

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